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“Try it! If you hate it you never have to eat ostrich again,” my Grandfather said to me in London when I was 6 years old on my first international trip. When my Grandmother picked me up at school a week earlier and told the attendance office that I’d be gone for two weeks, I got nervous and asked if that was okay. My Grandma smiled and said, “Brendan, you are going to learn more on this trip than you would ever learn in a classroom.”

Ever since then I have made traveling a passion, a hobby and a way of life. Connecting with people, growing as a person and helping others are all great passions of mine, and travel has helped me accomplish these goals. 

After receiving undergraduate, law school and MBA degrees from Cornell University, I spent several years working on Wall Street in various roles. While I am grateful for the financial skills I developed, I knew deep down that entrepreneurship, travel and personal growth was my calling.

AdventureDaze is an online community where I help people maximize their lives. I share all of my best business and self-development tools and strategies so that you can achieve the highest levels of success, fulfillment, and happiness.

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