How to Monetize Your Blog!

There are many different options for you to monetize your blog. The money-making approach that you should take depends on who you are and what your website is all about. Fortunately, there are so many different options for making money using your blog that it’s just a matter of seeing which ones fit best with your site and add the most value to your audience. Keep reading for the best ways to monetize your site!

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Affiliate Product Sales


Selling affiliate products is one of the very best and most commons ways to make money on your website. Affiliate sales refer to selling someone else’s product on your website at no additional cost to the customer and receiving a percentage of each sale. There are so many affiliate programs out there, so it will be easy for you to find one (or a handful) that fit with what your audience is interested in.

For example, I wrote an article listing my favorite restaurants in Tokyo, (ask my friends and they’ll tell you I’m slightly obsessed with Japan!) and I have signed up for travel company Voyagin’s affiliate program to offer my readers the ability to make reservations and book tours in Japan. Voyagin handles all of the bookings and simply pays me a percentage of each sale that is generated from my site! And Voyagin is just one example of the thousands of companies that offer very easy-to-set-up affiliate programs that you can integrate into your website in minutes.

As you can see below, I incorporate these affiliate links into my articles so my readers can easily book their reservations. Remember, the goal with your blog is always to provide value. I wouldn’t add links to this article trying to sell clothing or beauty products or something unrelated just to make some extra money. The readers of this article are genuinely interested in the best restaurants in Tokyo, and I am offering them the best way for them to make their reservations, so it’s a win-win.

affiliate marketingVoyagin offers reservation booking services, and I am paid a percentage of their revenues for referring sales to them


This is just one example of how you can sell affiliate products and monetize your website. Given the great variety of affiliate programs out there, combined with the payouts you can receive, affiliate marketing is often one of the best and most lucrative ways to monetize your website.

Amazon is another great route for affiliate sales. Amazon offers the Amazon Associates program, where anyone can sign up and receive a percentage of sales of ANY product listed on Amazon! This program is fantastic because 1) Amazon is such a widely used and trusted website for buying products, and 2) Amazon offers you the variety and flexibility to sell ANY of their products on their site and receive a commission! Even better, you can even link to any page on Amazon and let the reader decide what he or she wants to purchase, and you will receive a commission on that sale.


make money amazon


In addition to Amazon, there are a plethora of other affiliate programs that can help your readers while also allowing you to monetize your site. If you’re a food blogger, you can join OpenTable’s affiliate program where they’ll pay you for a percentage of reservation bookings. If you start a travel website, Priceline, Expedia and all the major airline and hotel booking companies have affiliate programs as well.

The variety of affiliate programs out there is great because you can offer suggested products that you use and love, so you’re not really selling them anything but rather encouraging them to buy products that you enjoy, at no further cost to your readers.

Reminder: To make money with your blog the first step is to set up hosting, such as through BlueHost (which through this link comes with a free domain). BlueHost will give you a professional domain like mine and a free professional email address.

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Advertising Revenues


You have many different options to monetize your site with advertising, ranging from the popular and easy-to-use Google AdSense to sponsored posts with companies you love, to branding deals with your favorite brands. The best part about it is you get to choose who you want to promote.

Below is an example of a Google AdSense advertisement on one of my pages (I added the green box to highlight it for you). I also added a green box to part of my article to highlight one of Google AdSense’s best features. They will automatically detect what your website is about and promote relevant ads that don’t take away from the user experience. For example, Google typically shows ads for travel products, tours, or other value-added information that genuinely benefit my readers. So instead of an advertisement, it often appears like a helpful resource for someone who’s on my page.

google adsense


In addition to Google AdSense, there are many other platforms that you can use to monetize your blog with advertising. As you grow your blog and increase the amount of visitors that come to your pages, premium advertising networks will want to work with you and offer you even more money for displaying their ads on your pages. The acronym CPM refers to Cost Per Mille, or the amount of money that you will get paid for every 1,000 views or impressions of a given advertisement on one of your pages. As you grow your website, you will encounter opportunities to advertise for increasing CPM rates, especially if you offer these advertisers high-quality traffic.

To begin, I would recommend starting with Google AdSense because it’s very easy to set up and a great way to begin with online advertising. As you grow, you can look for better opportunities to enhance your CPM rates and make even more money through your website.


I’m here to help! – If you set up your hosting and have any questions at all (for example how to set things up, which plan is the best for you), feel free to email me directly at bburns@adventuredaze.com and I will get back to you. I want you to succeed just like me, and I’m here to help.


Monetize Your Social Media Accounts


Once you set up your website, you can use it as a fantastic tool grow your social media accounts and monetize those as well. My Instagram account has been a great way to make money and also enjoyed many free travel perks and meals.

As I’ve grown my Instagram account with the help of my website to more than 25,000 followers, I have been able to connect with restaurants, hotels and airlines in my hometown and when I travel to enjoy free meals, drinks and other perks in exchange for sharing an Instagram post or story with my followers.

Check out some recent adventures that I’ve been able to enjoy as a result of starting my own blog. From Left to Right: A tour of gelato store Il Laboratorio in NYC, Cartagena Colombia, and Kyoto Japan.

monetize social media

This is another great reason to get your money-making website set up because not only will you be able to monetize your website directly while you travel and do what you love, but you can also use it to direct people to your social media accounts to grow and monetize these additional platforms as well.


Sell Your Own Products


You can create and sell a variety of products on your website to generate income as well. The best part about this approach is, unlike with affiliate products, you get 100% of the sale! And you have all the flexibility of choosing what you want to sell, including but not limited to e-books, an online course, coaching and more! The great thing is you get to choose what your website is all about, and you can use it to sell any kind of product that you’d like.

Another benefit of selling your own product is that very often the cost and time required to create your product only happens once, and then you’re able to sell your product over and over again. For example, if you write an e-book or create a course for people who come to your site, it may have an initial time requirement create the product. But once it’s finished you can use it as a great opportunity to create passive income and sell it for years to come.


Brand Building


A website is an incredible tool for building brand awareness. You can link your blog to your social media accounts such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to use your website to further build brand awareness as well.



Remember I’m here to help you! – If you set up your hosting and have any questions at all (for example how to get WordPress installed), feel free to email me directly at bburns@adventuredaze.com and I’ll get back to you. I want you to succeed just like me, and I’m here to help!




A recent study from Forbes found that 34% of the workforce in the United States is now considered freelance, with an estimate of 40% by 2020. Freelancing is a great way to work remotely as your own boss, allowing you the flexibility to travel and work from anywhere in the world!

The best part? You can use your new blog to offer your services and grow your business! This works extremely well for travel bloggers, coaches, consultants, writers, freelancers and business owners in general. You can run your blog to promote your offerings, build awareness, and most importantly, not be tied down to a 9-5 office and desk. You can use your website to spread the word and generate leads for new clients and more business.


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