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Best Sushi NYCLooking for the best sushi in NYC?! While the concept of sushi was introduced to Japan more than a millennium ago, it wasn’t until the latter half of the 20th century that this tasty delicacy came to the U.S., thanks to advances in refrigeration techniques. Since then everything from high-end sushi bars to hole-in-wall takeout joints have sprouted up across the country. While solid sushi venues can be found all over the world, New York City boasts some of the best out there. Keep reading for our countdown of 10 best sushi restaurants in New York!



308 East 49th St | Between 1st & 2nd Ave | Midtown East

It’s trendy like the Midtown neighborhood it calls home, without the Midtown East prices. If you’re starving and jonesing for sushi this is the place to be since the portions are large and the food is cheap. The fish is high quality and the rolls are large. There’s also a location near Union Square. Added bonus: this is the only place on the list that delivers. Lazy sushiphiles rejoice!

Yama Best Sushi NYC

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Sushi of Gari

402 E 78th St | Between 1st Avenue and York | Upper East Side

With several locations throughout Manhattan, including TriBeCa and the Upper West Side, Gari has you covered. With the option of either enjoying an omakase tasting menu or ordering a la carte, Sushi of Gari will serve up delicious and at times unique pieces such as Fluke with poached egg and truffle oil.

Best Sushi NYC Sush GariWhite shrimp with caviar

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Kuruma Zushi

7 East 47th Street | Between Madison & 5th Ave | Midtown

While it’s tucked away on the 2nd floor of an office building in Midtown Manhattan, Chef Toshihiro Uezu makes you feel like you’re eating at a counter in Tokyo. The atmosphere is authenticly Japanese, the sushi is good, and if you opt for one of the two lunch specials, the price is right ($25 and $35 lunch options are available so you can avoid the $300 omakase dinner price tag). Open since 1977, this hidden spot is worth checking out.

Best Sushi NYC

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220 West 13th Street | Between 6th Ave & 7th Ave S | West Village

Chef Yoshihiko Kousaka serves a delicious omakase tasting menu at Kosaka, a West Village gem that opened in late 2015. Chef Kousaka was previously with Michelin Star-bearing Jewel Bako, also located in New York City. Though certainly not cheap at $145 for the omakase tasting menu, you’ll leave feeling full and happy. Chef Kousaka and his staff are extremely warm, the sushi is delicious, and the meal flows like a well-orchestrated symphony.


Katsuo (Skipjack tuna) with garlic:

Kosaka Best Sushi NYC



Best Sushi NYC


After dinner with Chef Kousaka-san:

Kosaka Best Sushi NYC

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Sushi Daizen

47-38 Vernon Blvd | Long Island City | Queens

Chef Etsuzo is the mastermind behind this Long Island City, Queens sushi joint. For a relative bargain at $75 you can enjoy the omakase (“let the chef decide”), or if you prefer you can also order a la carte.

If sitting at the sushi bar you can admire the chef’s blowtorch skills, and see him cook the shrimp right in front of you with a small pot and timer.

While it seems “off the beaten path” in Long Island City, Queens, this restaurant is surprisingly accessible. From Grand Central it’s only 1 stop on the 7 train. I was door-to-door from my Manhattan apartment in under 20 minutes.

sushi daizena

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Sushi Nakazawa

23 Commerce Street | Between 7th Ave South and Bedford Street | West Village

You may remember Sushi Chef Daisuke Nakazawa from the famous documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi as the young apprentice who spent months seeking perfection with the tamago (egg omelet) piece. Having mastered the Japanese egg custard and more, Chef Nazakawa left Japan to work with Chef Shiro Kabisha in Seattle (Shiro-san actually happened to separately train with the famous Jiro Ono back in the 1960s in Tokyo). Ready to go out on his own, Nakazawa set up shop in Manhattan’s West Village and has since been serving up some memorable sushi. To get the full Nakazawa experience I recommend making a reservation for the sushi bar.

Best Sushi NYC

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47 East 12th Street | Between Broadway & University Place| Union Square

Shuko offers some of the highest quality sushi New York has to offer. The decor is a mix of industrial and minimalist, allowing the chef’s creative twists on old favorites to take center stage. For your first visit, you may want to opt for the kaiseki menu which consists of eight individual courses and about 17 pieces of sushi. Chefs Kim and Lau are not afraid to bring the heat and not simply in the form of wasabi. Thai bird chiles and Sichuan peppercorns make frequent appearances as signature creations. With distinctive spices like that, you won’t soon forget your meal at Shuko.

Shuko Best Sushi NYC

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1372 York Avenue | Between 73rd and 74th Streets | Upper East Side

The old adage “big things come in small packages,” must have inspired Tanoshi when they set up shop in late 2012. An Upper East Side hole-in-the-wall, Tanoshi stands out as a hidden gem in Manhattan. Since they can only seat 10 people for each of their three evening sittings (6pm, 7:30pm, and 9pm), it’s best to make a reservation. It’s a no-frills kind of place, with wobbly tables, mismatched chairs, and sparse decorations. But here, the food is the main event. Like the atmosphere, it’s simple and clean. Chef Oguma calls his style “loosey sushi,” referring to the uniquely delicate, fall-apart-in-your-mouth pieces he serves. Each piece will make you feel like you’re being served by a Michelin Star sushi master in Japan. Enjoy some of the best sushi in NYC!

Best Sushi NYC

By design, there’s no wasabi or soy sauce on the table. Every morsel, from the sea urchin appetizer
to the cured salmon roe gunkanmaki, is perfectly prepared. Come with an empty stomach and an open mind!

Best Sushi NYC

Tuna tartare:

Best Sushi NYC

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130 Saint Marks Place | Between 1st Avenue & Avenue A | East Village

Chef Norihiro Ishizuka came to America in the 1980s and is still churning out incredible sushi even in his early 70s. Like wine, it seems that Ishizuka only gets better with age. At a starting price of $85 for 12 pieces, it’s a relative bargain, especially when you’re talking about marinated tuna with yam and nori, and fermented squid. For less adventurous eaters, Chef Ishizuka’s creations might sound a little intimidating, but rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Kura Best Sushi NYC



Sushi Zo

88 West 3rd Street | Between Thompson Street and Sullivan Street | Greenwich Village

Sushi Zo opened in late 2015, expanding upon its 2 locations in Los Angeles. I initially didn’t have this place high on my list as a chain restaurant skeptic, but the reviews looked incredible and I decided to give it a try. The verdict: Sushi Zo is one of the best, if not the best, omakase restaurant in New York City.

While the cost is quite hefty at $200 per person, you get what you pay for with this experience. Chef Masa-san brings sushi to a whole new level, with unique fish and topping pairings as well as a fantastic sushi bar atmosphere. Make sure to book a reservation in advance, and we highly recommend sitting at the sushi bar. You will leave this restaurant more than satisfied. We also rank Sushi Zo in the Top 10 best restaurants in NYC.

Oyster, live octopus, and sashimi to begin the meal:

Best Sushi NYC

Ocean trout:

Best Sushi NYC

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