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  • Main Airports – Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL)
  • Currency – Euro (€)
  • Language – German
  • Population – 3.5 million
  • GDP (Germany) – $3.4 trillion (4th Overall)


I visited Berlin during my semester abroad of college (I was living in Barcelona), and Berlin was one of my favorite trips. As the capital of Germany, Berlin is a large city full of so much to do, especially if you’re on a budget. Since it was divided in World War II, the city also has many historical monuments to visit and experience. But Berlin isn’t just known as a historical city. With over 400 miles of bike trails, beautiful parks, and great nightlife spots, Berlin is a city where everyone can have fun.




Want to have a blast in Berlin but not break the bank? Here are a few tips:

  • Go on the New Berlin Free Walking Tour

    • This was one of the best things I did in Berlin and very strongly recommend it. Here’s the link for more info:
    • Note: The tour guides will ask for tips at the end, but it’s still a great deal
  • Take the subway or walk to see the city
    • Subway tickets cost €1.8 one way
  • Enjoy the Parks
    • Check out Tempelhofer Park or other parks and gardens during your stay
  • Rent bikes to explore Berlin
    • Berlin has 400+ miles of bike paths!
  • Hit the free sites
    • Berlin city offers many free sites such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial and Potsdamer Platz
  • Food
    • Find a local grocery store like Lidl or Aldi and buy bread, baguettes, fresh meat, cheese and have an inexpensive feast!
    • Try the döner kebabs and currywurst stands
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Scroll down for our top activities. Here’s a clickable summary to skip to an activity of choice:


1) Check Out the Canals

During your Berlin travel, be sure to take a leisurely stroll by the canal and take in the all of the beautiful surroundings. One area to check out is Paul-Lincke-Ufer at Landwehr Canal. Paul-Lincke-Ufer is a street that runs from Kottbusser Brücke all the way to Treptow Canal, having originally been a part of the American Sector of West Berlin and is now an important Turkish community. Come here for a quiet moment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

berlin travel


2) Flea Markets

Flea markets are another great way to experience Berlin and also pick something up for friends and family while you’re at it. Flohmarkt im Mauerpark, in particular, is an exciting spot located where the Berlin Wall once ran. It’s filled with little German treasures and sounds of friendly haggling. Keep up your flea market stamina by grabbing a bite from the surrounding street food vendors or have a drink at one of the beer gardens.


3) Brandenburg Gate

One of Berlin’s most notable landmarks, Brandenburg Gate serves as both a reminder of the division between Berlin and Germany during the Cold War, as well as a national symbol of peace and unity. Made of sandstone, the gate is modeled after the Propylaea of Athens’ Acropolis and is one of the finest examples of German classicism. It is decorated with sculptures and carvings, most of them based on the exploits of Hercules.

berlin travel Brandenburg Gate


4) Holocaust Memorial

An important part of visiting Germany is remembering the tragic events of the Holocaust and the many lives that were lost during it. The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin is about the size of a football field, was designed by American architect Peter Eisenman, and consists of 2711 concrete columns that rise from the ground. The memorial site can be accessed at any time on any day, but free English tours are offered on Saturdays at 3 p.m. You can also visit the underground Ort der Information (“Place of Information”) for more context.


5) Tempelhofer Feld

Similar to what Central Park is to New York and Hyde Park is to London, Tiergarten Park is one of the largest urban parks in the world. This is another great spot for fun outdoor activities, but it might be a gamble to bring kids, as sometimes the park is also a popular spot for nude sunbathing. Nonetheless, do your mind and body a favor and treat yourself to a relaxing stroll through the vibrant, green Tiergarten Park.


6) Go to the Top of the Reichstag Dome

For that killer Instagram photo, make your way to the top of the Reichstag Dome and take in the breathtaking view of Berlin’s skyline. The Reichstag has certainly been through a lot over the years but is now home to the German Parliament. As one of Berlin’s most iconic buildings, the glittering glass dome that sits on top is definitely what makes the Reichstag distinct. Your best shot of snapping that Instagram photo from inside the dome would be to make a free reservation online or get tickets in person from the Reichstag Service Center. You will need to bring your ID.


7) Public Pools

Take a break from the sight-seeing and spend some time soaking up the waters of Berlin’s pools. Haubentaucher is one great location for such an activity, with brick walls decorated with tasteful graffiti and a touch of industrial charm. Fully equipped with a beer garden, lounge area, and 20-meter pool (heated during the winter), this place guarantees a good time. Badeschiff is more suitable to visit during the summer, what with the sandy beach, pools, and riverbanks. Come during the day for a friendly game of beach volleyball, or enjoy Badeschiff during the evening with a cocktail in hand while you dance the night away to house music. Yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, and massage treatments are also offered here.



Berlin Cuisine

Berlin is a great city for inexpensive yet delicious food! Many great meals can be found at local restaurants for under 10 euros. If you are looking for fine dining, there are plenty of those as well, as the city has over 13 Michelin-star restaurants. Berlin is also a multicultural city; there are plenty of great Asian or Middle Eastern restaurants to try out. We have put together a few food recommendations for your visit to Berlin.

Food Markets

  • Thai Wiese
    • Thai Park
  • Mauerpark
    • Go on a Sunday
    • Try the waffle at Kauf Dich Glücklich on Oderberger Straße
  • Markthalle Neun
    • Street food on Thursdays



Rooftop Bar at Klunkerkranich

This bar is rated one of the top five nightlife spots in all of Berlin by TripAdvisor! It is located on the roof of Neukolln Arcade, providing stunning, beautiful views for all of its guests. The bar also serves non-alcoholic drinks for those who bring children or friends who do not like to drink. With a nice setting, well-priced food, and great drinks, the Rooftop Bar deserves its place on the list for best nightlife spots.

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